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Como Puede Un Hombre Controlar Sus Pensamientos, Deseos Y Pasiones / A Man's Strategy For Conquering Temptation (40 Minute Bible Studies)

RRP $15.99

En la actualidad, la pornografia se encuentra en un completo desenfreno. Los hombres estan siendo constantemente expuestos a mujeres parcialmente vestidas, escenas con sexo explicito y conversaciones eroticas y excitantes. Todo esto hace arder el fuego de las pasiones y deseos del hombre, transportando sus pensamientos a un mundo irreal y repleto de fantasias con actividades sexuales ilicitas. Frente a esto surge la pregunta: Acaso el hombre podra ser victorioso al enfrentar tales tentaciones? Aprende junto a nosotros el plan de Dios para la abstinencia de la inmoralidad sexual, fisica y mental. Pornography today is rampant. Men are constantly being exposed to partially dressed women, lovemaking scenes, and stimulating conversations. All of these fuel the fire of a man's passions and desires, leading his thoughts to a fantasy world of illicit sexual activity. Can he be victorious over such temptations? Learn God's plan for abstaining from sexual immorality, physically and mentally.

Seo And Search Marketing In A Week

RRP $19.99

Your fast track to successful SEO and search marketing

Learn in a week, what the experts learn about SEO and search marketing in a lifetime. Written by Nick Smith, a digital marketing expert, SEO and Search Marketing In A Week quickly teaches you what you really need to know to increase your online presence.

SEO and search marketing just got easier

Welcome to this guide to the sometimes baffling world of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This book will give you a solid grasp of the fundamentals so you can get your website content found by the search engines and run paid advertising campaigns, driving visitors to your web pages and ultimately generating revenue. You'll be able to do all this in just seven days, with each chapter taking just one or two hours to read.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO and SEM are not too complex for 'mere mortals' to understand and you don't need to spend a fortune on hiring an SEO/SEM expert. This book strips away as much of the mystique from SEO and SEM as possible, so that you have enough knowledge of all the basics and the terminology to be able to understand the 'techiest' of traffic geeks and even have a conversation with them. We'll uncover the meaning of the jargon and acronyms you need to know, such as pay-per-click advertising (PPC), backlinking, social signals and algorithms.

The challenge for you is to read a chapter each day, get a grasp of the material, take the mini-test at the end to help get it all straight in your mind and then take action on what you've learned. You may have to revisit the material a day or two later, but by the end of the week you'll have a good overview of the subject and know enough to know what you're not clear on, so that you can go back over the information in the book and fill in the gaps if you need to.

What this book will do for you is teach you how to structure your website to deliver what the search engines are looking for and thus promote it to the world. The web is an ever-evolving thing that changes alarmingly fast but, if you follow the guidelines and principles in this book, you'll never be left with less traffic coming to your site. You can only gain from any changes in the future.

- Sunday: An introduction to search engines and SEO
- Monday: Keyword research
- Tuesday: On-page optimization
- Wednesday: Off-page optimization
- Thursday: Getting other traffic sources to your website
- Friday: Pay-per-click traffic: making it work for you
- Saturday: Monitoring and managing your progress

About the Author

Nick Smith is Managing Director of Closeup Media. He is an expert in online marketing, who has helped hundreds of large and small companies achieve their goals.

Pog Mar Seo (a Kiss Like This)

RRP $20.99

From prolific Irish artist, Mary Murphy, comes a stunning Irish language picture book that will evoke lots of giggles, gurgles and smiles - not to mention kisses - from little babies! Prestigious poet and translator, Gabriel Rosenstock, captures in Irish all the fun, fizz and warmth of Mary Murphy's picture book words in this young, interactive title all about...kissing! Did you know that a giraffe kiss is gentle and this! *Mwaaaah!* Then there are kisses that are quick and small...others are fizzy and bubbly...some are even long and tooty-tooty! There are SO many different types of kisses, just turn the page to see! This split-page book, with its cast of loveable, cuddly-looking parent-and-child animals is the perfect gift for a new baby or a young family who wish to encourage a love of the Irish language in their child. Pog Mar Seo will be the ninth title translated into Irish for the Walker Eireann list, an initiative which celebrates Walker Book's Irish writers and illustrators, creating perfect books for children. It is a standout, young novelty book with split-pages throughout and a stunning finale spread with glitter foil across the page. Walker Eireann - leabhair le laimhseail go gramhar, i dteanga do chroi.


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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
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SEO Search Engine Preventing crawling Increasing prominence
White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO Techniques Marketing Strategy

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