Search Engine Room NZ

Search Engine Room NZ
Hyatt Regency, Auckland
November 13, 2007
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Program - Line In The Sand 

8.15am – 9.00am ... Registration and coffee

9.00am – 9.25am ... Search Takes Over the Online World: We are all looking for something. How do we find it? Online search is increasingly the answer. Our keynote speaker has been developing globally acclaimed internet search companies and technologies since 1998, most recently with Eurekster. This opening session will discuss the rapid evolution of search, how consumers are using it to find everything from love to home loans, while taking a peek into a future where phrases like ‘Swickis’ and ‘Buzz Clouds’ may actually mean something to the man in the street.
Dr Grant Ryan, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder, Eurekster

9.25am - 10.00am ... NZ and Global Search Landscape: This session will examine consumer use of the internet and search both in NZ and major international markets. It will look at user trends and the impact of search and key market segments. Global trends will also be referenced to gain an insight into where the NZ search and digital marketing scene may be heading.
- Che Carbis, Account Director – Asia Pacific, Hitwise (NZ Trends)
- Guy Baxter, Search Program Manager, DoubleClick (global trends)

10.00am - 10.30am ... Search Forum: This high-profile panel brings together leaders of New Zealand’s small but growing search industry. It will discuss issues, trends, market share, the competitive landscape, online publishing and new products. There will also be the opportunity for audience interaction.  
- Paul Webster, Senior Sales Manager, Google NZ
- Willie Pang, Head of Yahoo! Search Marketing
- Liz Fraser, NZ Business Manager, MSN New Zealand

10.30am – 11.00am ... Morning Tea

11.00am – 11.25am ... Using Search To Drive Your e-Commerce Strategy: Search is often an afterthought for NZ marketers but in other parts of the world it is at the forefront of the eCommerce strategy, particularly for online businesses. Find out how it can work for you from one of the world’s leading search engine optimisation and marketing experts.
- Aaron Shear, Partner, Boost Search Marketing (San Francisco)

11.25am - 11.50am ... Linking - Walking a Fine Line: Now this is where SEO can get really interesting – and contentious. The hype is that building the right links leads to high rankings, while multiple links from the wrong sites can have the opposite effect as everyone tries to second- guess the Search Engines. This session will combine issues with practicalities.
- Jon Ostler, Founder, First Rate

11.50am - 12.10pm ... – SEO Case Study: is the 2nd most popular real estate site in NZ (up from position 4) and is now generating half its traffic from search engines. This case study covers the site’s rebuild, incorporating technical optimization and content optimization, complemented by paid search and online advertising campaigns.
- Jacqui Jones, Lead Search Strategist, NetConcepts

12.10pm - 12.40pm ... Paid Search - Bid Management, Pricing and Measuring ROI: Getting bid management right makes all the difference to cost-effective paid search, particularly when marketing your business or products in more competitive markets outside New Zealand such as Australia, the United States or Europe. This session will cover strategies, issues, appropriate conversion metrics and much, much more.
- Matt Collis, Head of Account Service, 24/7 Real Media
- Mark Sceats, Managing Director, SureFire Search

12.40pm – 2.00pm Lunch

2.00pm – 2.20pm ... Turning Lookers Into Bookers: Getting people to your site is satisfying but there’s no much point if you aren’t converting them into customers. This session will assist in setting Key Performance Indicators, analysing site data to increase conversion rates while maximising your budget.
- Rod Jacka, Managing Director, Panalysis

2.20pm - 2.40pm ... Push Versus Pull Marketing & Visitor’s Intent: Search Marketing is leading the way in pull marketing, but the challenge of pull marketing is to correctly presume, and match, customer intent.  Learn how increased relevance and Landing Page Optimisation is critical to Search Engine Marketing success. This session will also cover the new Google Quality Score system and the major impact it will have on your average cost-per-click. 
- Nathan Stewart, Founder, Alkemi

2.40pm - 3.00pm ... Staring You In The Face: Some of the best sales and marketing research is right in front of you. How visitors search your site reveals key insights that can be deployed to all aspects of your online marketing campaign. This session will also discuss simple strategies to improve site search and potentially increase sales. 
- Dr Shaun Ryan, CEO, SLI Systems

3.00pm - 3.15pm ... - Business and Directory Search Case Study: Local and directory search is taking off in NZ with several smaller, innovative companies starting to make serious inroads within an often overlooked sector that is rapidly gaining momentum.
- Gary Jensen, General Manager, Ltd

3.15pm – 3.45pm ... Afternoon Tea

3.45pm - 4.05pm ...Bebo – Social Search and Networking: Get the story behind Bebo, one of the world’s hottest social search and networking sites. It totally dominates the sector in NZ and is also huge in the UK and several other key markets.
Francisco Cordero, General Manager, Australia/NZ

4.05pm - 4.30pm ... Blogging, Online Reputation Management and SEO PR: This is an increasingly hot topic, but far more complex than would initially appear. However there are some simple steps every company can take to ensure they are on the front foot in this key area.
- Nicholas O’Flaherty, Managing Director, Bullet PR
Thom James, Online PR Director, Bullet PR

4.30pm - 5.00pm ... Search and The Online Marketing Budget: How fast should marketers shift their traditional advertising spend to the web? Where should that money go? How large a role should search play? This panel will discuss these and other key issues such as: what to look for in a search marketing company?

Introduction: Mark Evans, CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau NZ

- John Schofield, Managing Director, The Internet Bureau
- Jon Beattie, Strategy Director, Marker
- Steve Pickering, Interactive Manager - IT, Tourism Holdings Ltd

5.05pm - 5.35pm ... DoubleClick Great Debate – ‘Search Will Take Over The World (Wide Web): 

Moderator: Stuart Bartram, Business Development Director, DoubleClick

Affirmative Team                                             Negative Team
- Jon Ostler, First Rate                                   - Craig Osbourne, Starcom Digital
- Willie Pang, YSM                                          - John Schofield, The Internet Bureau
- Paul Webster, Google                                 - Siobhan McKenna, Mediaworks

5.35pm - 6.30pm ... Drinks sponsored by DoubleClick.

6.30pm Close.

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Search Engine Room NZ
Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Location: Hyatt Regency, Auckland
Cost: Bookings Closed