Microsoft Boosts Oz Search, Teams With YSM In India

Microsoft Boosts Oz Search, Teams With YSM In India
India Imminent

By Martin Kelly, Editor, Search Engine Room

Billy Tucker, formerly Director of Strategic Partnerships at ninemsn, has shifted into the newly-created role of Head of Search and Portals in Asia Pacific for Microsoft based in Sydney.

One of his first jobs will be to oversee the launch of the Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM) ad platform onto the Indian version of the Microsoft search engine,, which is expected to happen before the end of March.

At this stage he said Microsoft’s own paid search product, AdCentre, will remain regionally restricted to Singapore.

In Australia, Ninemsn, Microsoft’s joint venture with PBL, currently deploys YSM although the industry is talking up the prospect of it being usurped by AdCentre.

“The future of Microsoft’s monetization is definitely based around AdCentre but it is all about when,” Tucker said.

“At present there is no firm road map on its introduction to the various regional markets.”

As for the new job, Tucker said: “It’s a big footprint and aligns very nicely with Craig Wax (from Yahoo! Search Marketing) and the remit he has, so we’ll have a lot to talk about.

“It’s a brand new role – Search clearly deserves a greater level of focus from Microsoft in this region.

“The power is shifting away from North America and the dollars are spread more evenly around the world.

“Everyone is excited about what can happen in countries like India and China.”

Meanwhile, Micosoft has been actively its own search engine to the Australian database of ninemsn via a mass email directing them straight to (rather than ninemsn).

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18 January, 2006


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