China Fight Good Not Bad For Google

Google's threat to pull out of China following some recent large-scale cyber attacks on its sites there is proving to be a PR masterstroke that has completely changed coverage of the company. Suddenly Google is a freedom fighter rather than Big Brother reincarnated. Google as David in a fight against Goliath. Pretty funny I reckon, especially when you consider that Google was so eager to get into China it agreed to censor its results and has been accused of passing sensitive information to very government it is now "rebelling" against. Suddenly Google has found its conscience regarding freedom of speech. Latest news from Google CEO Eric Schmidt is that: “We continue to follow their laws, we continue to offer censored results, but in a reasonably short time from now, we will be making some changes there.” Schmidt said the cyber attacks were “still under investigation”. PR manna from heaven. January 22, 2010


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