Chief Operations Manager/Digital, Shop A Docket

Quaetapo has been developing internet strategies and implementing them for over 19 years.
He began his internet journey with the formation in 1992 of a small digital agency and with his partners grew this to become Australia’s largest, which was purchased by the Aegis Group in 2004.
During this time he worked on establishing many iconic brands on the Internet, including the ABC, Commonwealth Bank, Commsec, Nestlé, Compaq, Bankers Trust, MasterCard, Merrill Lynch/HSBC and Yates, to name a few.
More recently he worked on establishing the new retail chain Taste online presence, focusing across the entire supply chain and marketing model to redefine the customer experience.
As the Chief Operations Manager/Digital at Shop A Docket, Quaetapo is tasked with modernising and expanding the online and mobile division of this iconic Australian brand.
As a leader in the field, he is passionate about taking advantage of the Internet and the opportunities it brings for business and individuals to connect in new and meaningful ways.