Group Buying Summit 2102

Australia's first Group Buying Summit was held in Sydney on May 7, 2012. It was a good day and you can see the program below.

              Group Buying Summit 2012 - Program 
9.00am - 9.25am Online Shopping and The Group Buying Marketplace: Utlising exclusive customer purchase data, this opening presentation will outline key online shopping trends before zeroing in on the Group Buying sector, providing an excellent overview overview of an industry some say is catching its breath before launching into the next phase of its brief hectic history.
9.25am - 10.30am Industry Leader Panel - Challenges, Issues, Opportunities: There’s plenty of everything going on in the sector at the moment – no question it is a little crazy. This session features several of the biggest players in a Q&A session that will embrace all key aspects of the industry.

10.30am - 11am MORNING TEA

11.00am - 11.20am Website Trends: An overview of web traffic as it relates to group buying websites. Which are the most popular sites? What sites are growing, which sites are losing market share. This presentation from Experian Hitwise will also reveal the latest trends in the online retail sector.

  • Tim Lovitt, Senior Manager - Research & Insights, Experian Hitwise

11.20am - 11.40am Client Acquisition – Facebook, Twitter: Group Buying sites, especially the market leaders, have been relentless in terms of subscriber acquisition. They are spending big and social media is a primary tool. Facebook and Twitter are two of the major tools they are using. Get an insight here in the strategies and success of this approach to client acquisition.

11.40am - 12.00pm Hey Groupon. Thanks For ******* Email. Five years ago who would have thought boring old email would prove central to a new style of retail. No-one – it was on the way out, remember.  This session takes an occasionally controversial look at the way Group Buying businesses are utilizing the inbox to drive sales. Can it last? 

12.00pm - 12.30pm Industry Regulation and Consumer Protection: The biggest sites last year launched an industry code of conduct administered by the Australian Direct Marketing Association. This session provides an update on how the code is working and the nature and what consumers want from Group Buying sites.

  • Jodie Sangster, CEO, Australian Direct Marketing Association
  • Christopher Zinn, Consumer Advocate
  • John Rolfe, Director of News and Public Defender Columnist, Daily Telegraph

12.30pm - 2.00pm LUNCH

2.00pm - 2.25pm Nitty Gritty and Merchant Tales: Success is in the detail. Nowhere is this more true than group buying. This session looks at the industry from the merchant’s perspective. Things like how to structure deals, what to look out for, the fine print that must be read, redemption rates, who gets what, payment, and strategies to ensure that it’s a good deal for all. As one commentator said: “I have never seen anything that is both so celebrated and demonized at the same time”

2.25pm - 2.50pm Variations On A Theme: There’s more than one way to skin a cat. In fact it couldbe argued that the traditional discount coupon business, which has been around for decades, is a form of group buying in reverse. Think about it. This session looks at two modern takes on an old model.

2.50pm - 3.10pm Localisation, Aggregation and Growth: The continued growth of daily deal sites is dependent on drilling down and offering deals to local markets rather than one size fits all national offers. This is starting to happen, albeit slowly in some cases, while product aggregation and distribution is playing an increasingly important role. 

3.10pm - 3.30pm  Can big brands learn from hairdressers? 30% of Daily Deals sold in the US relate to products, not services. National brands have local branches. High profile brands like McDonalds, Microsoft and Gap have experimented with Group Buying in the US… but they're in the minority. Why are big brands steering clear? Should they? This session looks at Australian big brand perspectives on the channel, the threats and opportunities for participation.

3.30pm - 4.00pm AFTERNOON TEA

4.00pm - 4.40pm Business Model and Evolution: Flash in the pan or long-term prospect? That’s the question everyone is asking after an incendiary start to proceedings. Profit, or lack of it, is also on people’s minds – for both retailers using the medium and the sites themselves. This session starts with a presentation by Neil Bourne beofre moving to a panel discussion. 

4.50pm - 6.00pm Drinks sponsored by Jack Media at the Blackbird Cafe

Group Buying Summit 2102
Date: May 7, 2012
Location: Dockside, Sydney
Cost: Online bookings have closed